the Great Red Spot

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the Great Red Spot

Postby peterfc » Thu 27 Jul 2017 3:53 pm

At the end of the third of his recent Youtube presentations on Jupiter, published on the 8th of July 2017 by The Thunderbolts Project, Wal Thornhill said that he thought that the Great Red Spot was a continuous electrical discharge vortex that could mark the birth scar of one of Jupiter’s moons. This is at odds to the mythological stories that tell of Jupiter giving birth to Venus, but Thornhill is on record, see his 20th of May 2015 Yuotube presentation, of saying that Saturn was the parent of Venus. He still maintains that the birth process involved an ejection of core material rather than a drawing out of material by another cosmic body, in Jupiter’s case the Sun. However, Thornhill is not the Thunderbolts Project’s expert on mythology, that is David Talbott, so what I consider an error in his theory about the birth of solid planets and moons due to a misunderstanding of the mythological record should probably be attributed to Talbott.
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