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Mountain Building

PostPosted: Tue 30 Oct 2018 9:44 pm
by John
One of Nature's most remarkable features is mountain building. A mountain may stand alone, or like Kilimanjaro, be a volcano. A volcano is basically a pressure relief valve. The highest pressure and its relief are intensely concentrated in a relatively small central area. This results in the land around being forced up and the part experiencing the greatest upward pressure to rise and form an inverted V shape. The explosive force of the irruption completely tears off the 'pointy' top and creates the familiar crater.
So it is plain to see why the volcano assumes this shape. Mountains though are different. They are not volcanic, so why do they exist? Conventional geology says that mountain ranges are, in the main, the result of the gigantic forces of plate tectonics. When one plate is forced under another, the upper plate is forced up.
In this process the geologists say the land of the upper plate is buckled and twisted, plateaus and mountains are raised thousands of yards, mountains may be miles high.
The question then, is how can mountains arise?
I can agree that, if plate subduction can force land to rise, it will create plateaus which may have hilly features resulting from some concomitant sideways movement – but – miles high? If we consider the Rocky Mountains and the Andes, they stretch for thousands of miles along the Pacific coast of the giant American continents. Finding passage through these barriers posed a serious threat to early wanderers. There is a tale that traders commonly trekked from northern territories into India, only to find their way obstructed by the sudden appearance of the Himalayas.
Many of these huge mountains, their peaks sharply pointed, stand shoulder to shoulder, for all the world like petrified monstrous waves in a ferocious tornado. Unlike such waves however, they may be miles high. There are few valleys between these waves. So, the sea analogy is flawed – a better analogy is a radio wave graph. There we see unbroken lines going up and down in a uniform pattern. The radio wave we are familiar with is an electrical effect.
Whilst it is well known that the close passage of a large solar body would create huge tidal forces, it doesn't seem possible that its gravity can lift huge chunks of earth, turn them over and replace them upside down. Nor is there the power to suck chunks of earth up to widely varying heights and pointed like an inverted V.
The EU people have presented evidence suggesting that the Grand Canyon was formed by the searing power of a massive electromagnetic strike. It seems likely that the material gouged out was turned to dust and scattered over thousands of square miles.
That, if correct, is a stunning example of what can happen when large solar bodies are in close proximity.
The dramatic and characteristic wave like formation of mountain ranges, is (I believe) explicable only by the action of an electromagnetic force. These mountains are frequently seen to be growing directly out of the sides of their fellows, suggesting the mingling action of several electromagnetic charges acting in unison.
Nothing else seems to offer a solution to the oddity of mountain building.
When we see strata overturned, earthquake activity is apparently thought to be the cause. But … How does an earthquake completely invert a lump of landmass? An explosive action would destroy or at least fragment the object. If was 'rolled over' it would surely have suffered considerable distortion. Since in the past few hundred years, we have experienced any number of disastrous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, if earthquake is the mechanism surely there would have been at least one such event that would have demonstrated such geologic asymmetry.
But no! Not Tambora, not Krakatoa, nor even the mighty Thera lifted, inverted and replaced lumps of hundred ton solid earth! A volcano fragments lumps of earth in its explosive blasts. The more recent Mount St Helens blew away a huge chunk of its crater wall but didn't invert anything.
Earthquakes can exhibit some rolling action. This can be very extensive - but mountains are not 'rolled' out. Land has, historically, been elevated or sunk thousands of metres by earthquakes, but does not – cannot – create pointy top mountains, let alone peaks standing shoulder to shoulder for a thousand mile.
So, earthquakes and volcanoes are out.
However, mountains are in! The mountain builder must be an extraterrestrial force. Though Earth is constantly and directly subject to the gravitational pull of the Sun, it cannot drag up mountains from 92 million miles distance. It cannot even lift a fallen leaf!
So the Sun is out! As are all the planets in their present orbits.
But - What if one of our more substantial planetary companions did a flypast a few thousands of years ago? Velikovsky proved (to my satisfaction) that Venus did just that and caused Earth to turn turtle. The mix of forces engaged must have included a level of catastrophic electromagnetic forces easily able to perform the geological conjuring tricks of mountain building and strata inversion.
Perhaps the earlier (9600 BC) event was responsible. Dr Rupert D Holms, in his book "Star Core Zeus", suggests that we were originally in a binary star system and the much larger star exploded in a supernova 4.6 billion years ago. This, he claims, provided the debris that formed Earth et al.
His idea is that in the supernova was born a large planet he names as Zeus. This was hurled out of the Solar System in a massively stretched elliptical orbit. This created a 4000 year orbit that brings Zeus back from the farthest reaches to swing around the Sun and resume its 4000 year hike. He maintains that its path takes it dangerously close to us and has caused most major catastrophes.
With or without a binary star system, the history of massive disturbance on Earth, roughly every 4000 years, seems undeniable. The 9600BC event could well have caused the drowning of huge areas of land and an enlarged Atlantic Ocean – goodbye Atlantis! Goodbye also to another unknown and rather more ancient Greece! A Greece that Solon knew absolutely nothing about! We are still no better informed than was Solon (c. 630 BC—died c. 560 BC).
While such passage may inflict considerable damage it can hardly spell the end for life. If Dr. Holmes is right, Earth has survived one million, one hundred and fifty thousand such encounters! Homo Sapiens has survived the past 50 or more episodes.
Zeus looks a likely favourite in the mountain building scenario.

Re: Mountain Building

PostPosted: Fri 02 Nov 2018 5:53 pm
by John
Reading more I find that Dr Holms claims that whole mountains have been shifted more than a kilometre from their original standings and that kilometre thick strata has been overturned. He doesn't suggest a particular motive power, referring only to 'tidal forces'. I believe Velikovsky claimed that the Himalayas were formed by the rolling action of earth over many miles. He was probably right about the rolling motion, but rolling cannot possibly form the characteristic mountain shape, let alone razor sharp pinnacles!

Obviously, in these amazing physical contortions, several different powerful forces are acting at the same time. It may be that the behaviour of earthquakes and volcanism act together in a manner that makes ensuing electromagnetic pulses more effective. Mayhap their convolutions help transform electromagnetic gouging actions into mountain forming electromagnetic wave forces. It seems likely that, in near planetary collision, vast gravitational effects and monumental pulses of electromagnetic force would be responsible for starting the earthquakes and volcanos in the first place. A very confusing, hugely cataclysmic convulsion of Mother Earth.

Dr Holms' quotes references from over 1400 sources, so I take his word for them!

Re: Mountain Building

PostPosted: Mon 05 Nov 2018 3:17 pm
by John
Further research has finally paid off. A comprehensive essay on mountain building has sat unnoticed (by me anyway) on Thunderblogs. It was posted two years ago. The url is > <.

The author Andrew Hall, has set out an exhaustive survey of the mechanisms that may well correctly explain the astonishing constructions we call mountains. I have put together his three part essay into a single Word document of some 46 pages, however its length may have resulted in the odd error creeping in. I don't think so but … I can email it to those interested in how such remarkable geology can be possible.

Mr Hall takes pains to make it clear that he makes no claim that his explanation is definitively correct. However, to date, no alternative theory has emerged. I am personally confident that near planetary collision and consequent electromagnetic forces father the phenomenon and his allusion to extra terrestrial forces suggests the same line of thought.

Re: Mountain Building

PostPosted: Sat 09 Mar 2019 2:48 pm
by Robertus Maximus

Andrew Hall’s work ( parallels that of the late Michael Steinbacher (, I’m not sure if Andrew Hall considers that he is continuing the work of Michael Steinbacher but Andrew Hall’s latest works are certainly original and I think he is on the right path.

I came across Michael Steinbacher’s work 6 years ago and was somewhat sceptical- I favoured Robert Johnson's ‘uplift’ mountain building scenario, however, as time as passed by I now realise that Michael Steinbacher was right.

Earthly mountains are formed during electrical discharges between the Earth and its environment or a passing body (for example- the capture of the Moon).

In the early 1970’s Ralph Juergens described the effects of electrical discharge activity on the airless Moon, earlier still (1965) Brian J Ford had suggested an electrical origin of the lunar craters (

What I had missed was the role of Earth’s atmosphere during a catastrophic electrical event- the atmosphere would play an important part.
Following Steinbacher and Hall, Earth’s mountain ranges were formed by immense electrical storms- hence why we see a mixture of terrestrial and marine ecosystems in ‘mass-kill’ fossil deposits, I suspect the sediment was watery and electrified- hence the ‘dead dinosaur posture’( - they were electrocuted!

Some years ago Michael Steinbacher made an interesting observation of the European-Asian mountain chains ( Andrew Hall uses geomorphological evidence from this region in support of his hypothesis.

When we look at the Tibetan Plateau we see features described by Andrew Hall as a ‘swell’ and a ‘crater’ which are formed during the discharge process; I would guess that GPS measurements showing in which direction say the Himalaya Mountains are moving, are actually measuring the ‘slippage’ of the sedimentary mass of the Tibetan Plateau and not the imaginary movement of India and Asia.

I have attempted to join, at least, some of the dots here:

In the above scenario volcanoes would be a different phenomenon and not ‘mountains’ as such. Volcanoes are electrical discharge phenomena- more correctly we could consider them to be fulgamites- electrical blisters- in the early 1970’s Ralph Juergens had suggested this origin for the Martian ‘volcanoes’.

Interestingly, when a volcanic eruption is excessive to the point that it ‘blows apart’ the volcano the deposits produced by the fierce winds accompanying the eruption leave behind stratified layers just as we find in mountain ranges.


Re: Mountain Building

PostPosted: Tue 14 May 2019 2:08 pm
by John
Thank you Robert
Very interesting comment. The upshot is conformation that my assumption that mountains are created by electrical.discharge is correct.

Re: Mountain Building

PostPosted: Fri 04 Oct 2019 1:19 am
by Robertus Maximus
During my discussion with John I provided a 'web link' to the work of the late Michael Steinbacher, I have recently become aware that the link is no longer functional. I have provided a new link to Michael Steinbacher's work, unfortunately the original target may be missing but I hope the general idea can still be gleaned from the surviving videos. The link is accompanied by an explanation.

"This is an archive of the original Michael Steinbacher videos from his own channel, because someone else found a way to take it over and have subsequently deleted the videos. Michael Steinbacher was a well-respected member of the Plasma Universe community, and passed away in July, 2015."