The Pyramids and axis shifts

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Re: The Pyramids and axis shifts

Postby John » Sun 25 Sep 2016 4:00 pm

Looking afresh at the question posed by Barry (The Pyramids’ and Axis Shift: 6-6-12), which comments on an article in Review 2011, he says, “Doesn’t this rule out any theories of later changes to the Earth’s position relative to the stars?” The apparently continuing alignment of the Pyramids with the map of the stars cannot be disputed.

His question asks, does this mean that there have been no such 'shifts', in the last few thousand years. While I believe that there have, we are left with Barry's question! This to me, highlights a fact that has its counterpart throughout the history of planet Earth. Some might think the same problem seeks solution at Stonehenge for example. It seems likely therefore that the Earth's proportions, composition and electromagnetic properties will always, sooner or later, place it in, or tolerably near its presently 'suitable' life sustaining orbit and angular balance. This would hold true, evidenced by our survival, whether the Sun, or perhaps Saturn is the governing body.

While I have little personal interest in the mathematical arguments that are said to dictate either this result or that, it is my rather pragmatic view that Nature couldn't care less and does it anyway. (This saves me from having to understand that which I presently do not!). My comment is, most definitely, not intended as a slight upon such math - in the end we must satisfy ourselves that if something happened, that our understanding of it is correct. In the last analysis, that means we simply must have such a physical explanation or any real progress will be stifled by allowing irrational encompassing of the impossibly improbable! We suffer enough of that already!

So, it is my contention that Barry's observation is very much to the point that to survive and re-populate the Earth several times, (each time having to make a new beginning), surely 'points' us in the right direction. It is apparent now that the great catastrophist was only offering a glimpse of history in 'Worlds in Collision' et al. This Earth of ours has been to hell and back more times than we presently imagine. Its geology has experienced massive land movement - continental shift, huge floods, Ice Ages, reversal, close encounters with planets and being hit by comets. On top of this there has been a series of up and down movements not far different from any elevators in the tallest sky scrapers! In these circumstances man has, somehow, been lucky to survive.
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