Methuselah and Synodic periods of the Planets

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Methuselah and Synodic periods of the Planets

Postby dragonsteeth » Fri 22 Aug 2014 6:10 pm

It has been suggested that the ages of some of the biblical Patriarchs might be linked to the synodic periods of the planets. (M Barnouin and C Schedi).

LAMECH lived 777 years (777= Jupiter 399 + Saturn 378), and JARED 962 years (962=Venus 584+ Saturn 378), while the age for ENOCH equals the Earth's 365 day year.

But some critics have said that as they all lived before the flood their ages should relate to the synodiic periods at the time of the 360 day year.

I was looking at this problem when I noticed that the age of the oldest patriarch Methuselah who lived for 969 years exactly equalled the synodic periods for Jupiter and Venus when using the 360 day Hindu synodic periods from PANCHASIDDHANTIKA, Worlds in Collision p 338.

Maybe this could be a Champagne moment.

Despite this I still think the evidence indicates the 360 day year was introduced around 2345 bce when the Assyrian Mul Apin was composed.
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Re: Methuselah and Synodic periods of the Planets

Postby Daphne » Sat 04 Oct 2014 10:28 pm

The ages of the patriarchs have been retrocalculated back from 239BC onto a 354 day schematic lunar calendar which begins 3600 Egyptian civil years earlier (3600 x 365). See Knut Stenring, 'The Enclosed Garden', 1965. If age when son born and length of life after was in the book of Genesis before its 3rd century redaction the numbers may have been changed to serve a different objective just as they were "corrected" in the Septuagint so we cannot know what purpose they served originally. Enoch lives for 365 lunar years but is born and "translated" on the same date in the solar calendar. In the book of Enoch he is "the man who knows and explains the secrets of the heavenly bodies and of chronology." (Gerhard Larsson, 'The secret system')
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