Joseph's Pharaoh?

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Joseph's Pharaoh?

Postby Michael_GB » Sun 09 Nov 2014 1:19 am

I found this interesting, but which chronology would it fit best (the one offered by Peter James, the one offered by David Rohl, or the one originally proposed by Velikovski)?

In Genesis 39–47 there is a description of Joseph captive in Egypt then rising to second in the land and assisting his family during a severe drought. Despite the antiquity of these events it is possible to compare this account with quite a large body of information that has now become available about ancient Egypt at around that time. The Bible date for Joseph being taken as a slave to Egypt is taken here to be around 1838 bc. He would have appeared before Pharaoh around 1825 bc This is during the reign of the12 th dynasty c 1938–1756 bc. The most likely candidate for the Pharaoh during Joseph’s time is Amenemhat III. Fortunately the dates for his reign can be determined quite precisely, using an astronomical observation, known as
the helical rise of Sothis, recorded as occurring during the 7th year of Senusret III. The date for that astronomical event has been calculated at 1872 bc. His son, Amenemhat III, started to reign as co-regent in the 20th year of Senusret III, implying a reign of 1859–1813 bc. The co-regency continued for twenty years until 1840 bc. It is hard to know how accurate the dates are for both the Bible chronology and for the Egyptian calendar, but if the underlying assumptions are correct these dates should be good to within a few years. During the 12th dynasty there was a stable centralised government ruling over all of Egypt. A century later Egypt was in turmoil. Pharaohs often reigned for a year or less. Presumably their friends would have lasted an equally brief period of time. Two centuries earlier it would have been impossible to appoint Joseph the type of position described here. The land was divided up among regional governors who had almost as much power as the Pharaoh.
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Re: Joseph's Pharaoh?

Postby barry » Sun 09 Nov 2014 9:55 am

David Rohl's book 'A Test of Time' reviews the dating of Joseph in some detail. The book also discusses the pitfalls of Sothic dating.
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Re: Joseph's Pharaoh?

Postby Peter » Wed 11 Mar 2015 5:16 pm

If the report in Waddel’s book, Manetho that his 1st dynasty settled in Egypt after the Flood is correct, the reported calamity that befell Egypt towards the end of the dynasty was probably the Sodom and Gomorrah catastrophe that, according to the Book of Genesis occurred when Abraham was middle aged. His son, Isaac, was born after the catastrophe and Joseph was the youngest son of Jacob, Isaac’s son. This suggests that Joseph was born some 70 current years after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and that he served the 5th or 6th pharaoh of Manetho’s 2nd Dynasty. The report that the Nile flowed with honey during the reign of the 7th pharaoh of the dynasty suggests to me that he was ruling at the time of the Job catastrophe because manna / honey is a feature of a Venus event when plasma from the planet’s tail interacts with the atmosphere of Earth. Joseph was probably still alive at the time of the Job catastrophe, because Job was the 3rd son of his brother, Issachar.

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