Greenland Ice Sheet

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Greenland Ice Sheet

Postby Phillip » Sat 06 Dec 2014 7:38 pm

Tim Cullen, at ... has produced, currently as I write this, six posts on Greenland and the Settled Science of the last Ice Age. I think he has raised some interesting issues - not least that alternative dating methods of one of the ice cores (around 120,000 years in length) produced a figure of just 27,000 years. In post number 6 (read last in the series) he clarifies what might have happened in an 'evolutionary' ice cap (starting from scratch) with glaciers first forming on the high ground on the rim (the central dome) and gradually expanding down into the central basin (which was a lake or wetland environment, as this is what occurs at the bottom of the core). This description contrasts sharply with the mainstream science - which he outlines in the previous five posts. The consensus assumed the ice cap was there prior to the last interglacial - and during the interglacial. While that is not impossible the alternative description he presents has certain advantages.
PS ... Cullen enjoys taking a swipe at all forms of settled science - and the idea that consensus explanations are the bees knees of science. They are mainly theories - that may be disproved at some point in the future. Cullen is pre-empting this and looking at weaknesses in the orthodox models in all fields of science, from Leisegang Rings to the Expanding Earth theory, little chinks in the armour he can exploit. This is not to say that any of us should necessarily agree with him, only that he often provides a very different way of looking at the official mainstream package.
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