geomagnetic changes

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geomagnetic changes

Postby Phillip » Mon 30 Mar 2015 6:36 pm

Rather than typing the whole thing out, if you would like to go to 'In the News' March 29th and look at a rather long post on geomagnetic jerks, excursions, and reversals, it might be useful if people provided a bit of kick-back. The dates involved are entirely uniformitarian and mainstream - don't worry about the dates. Just think about the events. Especially, take note of an event around 200BC which may in fact be referred to in the Maccabees, and the idea of armies marching across the sky. Are they referring to aurorae? If so how big a CME would be involved in order for people in the southern Levant to be able to witness aurorae? Why has nobody picked up on this event before, a huge increase in Beryllium 10 and an injection of C14 into the atmosphere that may have dwarfed anything in the following 2200 years between then and now - even it would seem the so called 775/6AD event - another instance of cosmic radiation affecting the atmosphere of the earth which has been address but not as yet explained.
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