Kelvin-Helmholz waves

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Kelvin-Helmholz waves

Postby Phillip » Wed 13 May 2015 9:33 pm

Kelvin-Helmholz waves. I've posted a piece on 'In the News' on a paper just published on these waves that appear to allow plasma in the solar wind to interact with plasma already within the atmosphere of the Earth. The Power Point presentation of Bob Johnson's talk at the SIS Spring Meeting (2015) appears to say something like this is occurring during coronal mass ejection events, when huge amounts of plasma are transferred from the Sun in the direction of the Earth's magnetosphere during earth facing sun spot activity. Any comments on this would be useful. It might be better to go first to the news section on this web site and click on the link to the press release issued on the article - and read what they actually said, and then click on the Bob Johnson talk (go to the Meetings page of this web site) and compare with what he has said. It is a fascinating subject and scientists are learning new things every day about Sun-Earth relations.
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