Mythology and Religion Evolve

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Mythology and Religion Evolve

Postby Bard A Madsen » Sat 18 Jul 2015 3:20 pm

When the precession of the spring equinox is turned back in time 13,000 years the Sun was in the constellation of Virgo or the Virgin. Everything adds up to this being the time of the Deluge not the 3,200 BC event. Tradition going back to this time maybe hard to believe, but Gobekli Tepe proves it. One could call it Mother Nature or the Mother Goddess bringing forth Creation after the devastating cosmic event cleared. Then it became Ishtar / Tammuz of the Sumerians and Isis / Osiris of the Egyptians then well after the 3,200 BC event when the cosmic bombardment started to taper off it became the planet Venus . There is much more to this story. I have done a lot of research into this entire subject and have read over one hundred and twenty books including every cuneiform translation I could get my hands on, the Pyramid Texts, the Coffin Texts, the Eddas, the Vedas, and virtually every other tradition around the world. After reading a boat load of this type of information it becomes very clear that every culture of Man points directly to the same thing. This could not possibly have been orchestrated and is confirmed clearly within the Gobekli Tepe site in which to my knowledge has yet to be noticed. We still celebrate it via Halloween, The Bon Festival, The Day of the Dead, and others around the world. Some have slipped in season due to precession, but they are all the same. It is the New Year not January 1st, this is confirmed by the unlucky five days of the year of the Egyptians and Mayan that are added to the three hundred and sixty days of the year and most probably corrected by sidereal alignment to keep the calendar correct way before the Gregorian. Mankind for thirteen millennia has been Comet-ose, it is time to wake up !
Bard A Madsen
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Re: Mythology and Religion Evolve

Postby ericaitch » Mon 20 Feb 2017 1:22 am

Hi Bard,

I've been off line for a long time and can only now comment.

My sources on Ancient Religions are Dwardu Cardona's five STAR SERIES books.

Seems that every ancient culture maximised its number of GODS through various names most of which can be traced back to the prime god, SATURN.

If you have not read these books I suggest that GOD STAR and NEWBORN STAR might be eye openers,

Best Wishes,

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