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Modern Biology and Evolution

PostPosted: Wed 24 Feb 2016 1:30 pm
by John
Over three years ago, on Monday 15-10-12 I posted the very first post on this Forum, titled "Evolution", an entirely original explanation of how evolution really works. I am delighted to say that modern biological science, (without a hint of attribution) - now includes my explanation (in words that make it appear -quite falsely that they always knew. Typical!) - that existing bodily forms dictate absolutely the direction of their progress. entirely naturally and, consequently, the advances made will give the appearance (but not the fact) of a guiding intelligence! It is amusing, though a bit sad, to note that more than 10000 people have viewed this ancient post, there has been not a single reply, yet it has informed scientific opinion and caused a re-think. I am proud of this (unprovable!)fact.
I must add that the lady who was responsible for authorising its publication back then, was Jill Abery, an acknowledged expert on biology and consultant to the SIS and its Editorial Co-ordinator. It was this lady who penned the title of my paper, "The Genesis of Evolution". Thank you Jill.